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MAKAROV; and other East Block pistol parts and tools
corrected Apr 9 Just as with other pages, still adding items

Welcome to our Makarov page.  Here you will find original parts for the Makarov pistol, user level tools and photos and information on many of the special tools not often seen.  Condition on all parts is UNISSUED, factory new original, unless stated otherwise.  While we are listing East German first and some few others we do have parts for other mfg. 

Dealer discount is based upon what and how much is bought not on your business status.  Dealer discount is 20% and applies to order for 3 of same item or an order that is a net of $100.00 or more.  Slides are net and not subject to discount or count in figuring discount.  Shipping is $6.00, but any number of parts that have a weight listed of .5 lbs can be combined in one order for the same shipping amount.